Action Research in Elementary & Middle School Classrooms
Action Research Project
  1. Linda Giesen
    Linda began her action research with a focus on literacy and to increase students engagement and excitement about reading and especially writing.
    Linda has been experimenting with different approaches to expanding students vocabulary and increasing their motivation to write. One of the many things she is doing in this area is engaging her students in global projects of iEARN. She is hoping that by increasing students responsibility on participating in projects she will be able to help them develop their voice.
  2. Kristi Rennebohm-Franz
    IEARN Water Habitat Project
    A hands-on science project evolved over time to a participatory action research project. The students explored the history of the pond, studied the pond, planned and took actions, and "published" their data for subsequent groups of students to continue with new cycles of research. As these primary students compared notes across years, they succeeded in identifying a problem that they cared about, and working collaboratively over time to solve it. The teacher's action research supported the transformation of her classroom into a global action and learning context.
  3. Mairin Glenn
  4. Robin Sheridan
Teacher Action Research Project
Paticipatory Youth Action Research