Cycle 1: Preserving Our Past

The context of this first cycle is the rich history of Peru spanning thousands of years.  We have thousands of archaeological sites that are neglected.  The art of the past is being destroyed by the grafitti of today. The province near the school has around 745 archaeological sites but only four that are guarded.  The students, inspired by the quote from U. S. President John Kennedy " Ask not what your county can do for you-- ask what you can do for your country, took on the task of preserving their history.  While this activity was voluntary and participating did not affect school grades, it did provide extensive experience in the sciences.  Students who participated learned chemistry, goeology, art, scale, archaeology, history and government. The project was extensive and difficult.  Students developed values and character as well the grit that comes from becoming involved in such an important community project. 


Analysis of Actions